Carlos Slim’s Cousin In Critical Care After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Speculations about Mexico’s first death made headlines earlier this week as the Mexican media reported the country’s first Coronavirus-related death on March 15th.

According to reports, the Mexican businessman Jose Kuri Harfush passed away at the age of 71 after testing positive for Coronavirus. Kuri Harfush is the cousin of billionaire Carlos Slim.

As per a Reuters report, two sources close to the businessman confirmed his death and said that Kuri died in the ABC hospital in Mexico City.

Following his death, citizens have been alarmed over the necessary precautions about the deadly virus within the country.

Following posts about his death circulating, the Mexican Ministry of Health denied Kuri’s death and stated that he was in “critical condition” – although media outlets across Mexico have yet to change their rhetoric.

Social media has been flooded with contradictory information regarding Kuri’s death since it was announced. Several outlets are posting about his death while contradictory statements are also making rounds online.

Local media has been confusing the general public, as one outlet even tweeted out a reported obituary amid authorities still denying the death.

This has developed into a state of public concern, as people in Mexico took to social media to express their fear from the lack of proper information from the government.

Citizens believe that the reason the government continues to say that Kuri is in critical condition is to hopefully reduce the panic in the country.

There have been confirmations that Kuri had traveled to Colorado after which he had contracted the COVID-19.

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