Carole Samaha is the first Lebanese artist to perform in Ukraine

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha recently performed at the National Opera House of Ukraine making her the first Lebanese artist to perform the country.


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Samaha, who received an official invitation from the Lebanese Cultural Center, performed in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev with the Ukrainian Philharmonic Orchestra and more than 90 musicians and violinists who were directed by Maestro Vladimir Serenko.

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Carole Samaha opened the concert with the song “Hadodi Al Sama” and then presented a collection of her most beautiful songs including “Ghali Ali”, “Ensa Hmoumak”, “Ya Rab”, “Whashani Biladi”, “Fei Heik”, the famous “Je T’aime” and “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. This was with the participation of the symphony orchestra led by Maestro Volodymyr Sirenko.




Samaha’s concert was attended by 1,600 people, including a number of prominent political, social, and artistic figures from Ukraine and Lebanon, fans from the Lebanese and Arab communities, and other Ukrainians who made up half of the audience – despite not understanding the language.


At the end of the concert, Samaha was honored by Lebanese Ambassador to Ukraine, Ali Dahir, in the presence of former Minister Bashar Marhaj, MP Michel Moussa, and MP Tariq Merabi.


Samaha published on her social media accounts a collection of photos from the ceremony in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and commented:

“I thank Lebanese Ambassador Ali Dahir for inviting us to dinner and honoring me last night in Ukraine in the presence of former Minister Bishara Merhaj, Representative Michel Mousa, Representative Tariq Maroubi, Deputy Bilal Abdullah, Lebanon Consul in Turkey Munir Anouti and heads of the Cultural Association of Ukraine Maroun and Rodriguez Merhej “.

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Carole Samaha performed in Ukraine after a series of big concerts in recent years throughout the world, including Amsterdam, France, USA, Canada, and Australia.

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