Lebanese Activist Caroline Chaptini Breaks The Guinness World Record For The 5th Time


After breaking 4 Guinness World Records, Caroline Chaptini is back with a 5th world record.

Chaptini has built the biggest plastic sphere to date made out of recycled materials.

For this, she had to gather over 500.000 bottle caps and recyclables, amounting to almost 5 tons of trash, with the help of Groupe Chagoury Frères in Benin.

The sphere has a metal diameter measuring up to 10 meters and is covered with flags of countries from all continents, hosting different colors, countries, and cultures.

The environmental activist had previously broken the Guinness world record 4 times for:

Tallest plastic bottle sculpture

Measuring 28.1 m, the record was achieved by Chaptini and the Municipality of Chekka on 14 December 14, 2019.

More than 30 people helped with arranging 120,000 plastic bottles into the shape of a Christmas tree.

Largest recyclable material mosaic 

A year later (December 2020), Chaptini also broke the record of the largest recyclable material mosaic flag, measuring 302.5 m² (3,256 ft² 10 in²)

Caroline Chaptini and Green Community NGO collected recyclable material from different available items. The items were then recycled and donated to Kids First, an organization for treating Cancer.

Largest mosaic made of bottle caps

In May 2020, with the help of the local community, Chaptini was able to collect up to 500,000 bottle caps to make the largest mosaic of bottle caps in the world, measuring up to 240 square meters.

Largest bottle cap mosaic (image)

On Match 2022, Chaptini partnered with Sony Playstation MEA (UAE) in Dubai and broke the record again with the largest bottlecap mosaic (image) measuring 260.625m².

The mosaic image was made using bottle caps for the launch of the game Horizon: Forbidden West.