Cars Don’t Swim… Except in Lebanon!

Khalde, Beddawi, Jiyeh, Naameh, Nabatiyeh, Aley, Chouf… The main roads in these areas and many others became flooded as it rained heavily today in Lebanon. From cars getting submerged in road-rivers and people performing Olympics-worthy leaps across the wet pavement, to ATM machines transacting water, the storm tore through Lebanon’s poorly managed infrastructure.


Already informed about its arrival by the forecasts, the Lebanese were ready and prepared to welcome the rainy weather that invaded the country today. At home, they turned up the heat and sipped warm liquids, and outside they put on extra layers of clothes and kept their umbrellas at hand.

In general, they knew the drill and acted in accordance with the arrival of the chilly, rainy climate. What they did not prepare for, on the other hand, were the flooded and blocked roads, the overflowing sewer hatches, the muddy and rocky sidewalks, the erosions, the suffering internet and electricity, and, of course, the swimming cars.


Some aspects of these failures may be funny, but to see the scale of mismanagement in Lebanon’s infrastructure is truly infuriating.

Many people were unable to get to their workplaces and/or schools while others found themselves stuck in the middle of a submerged road, neither able to proceed nor go back to where they came from.


Some individuals were forced to stand and watch their cars get juggled and pulled away by the powerful streams caused by the heavy rain.

The rain also infiltrated several poorly-maintained houses and buildings across the country, causing damage to the furnishing and extreme discomfort to their poor inhabitants.


An image of an ATM machine halfway submerged by water became trending on social media platforms in Lebanon and was used humorously by Lebanese social media dwellers. However, it turned out that the image was captured in France last year, not in Lebanon today.

Users of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other platforms took to social media to either joke about the disastrous outcome of the storm, or unleash their anger on and criticize the uselessness of the observant authority.


Another day checks yet another failure for Lebanon’s current political rulers; a moderate rainstorm lay waste to, and disabled many, vital roads and highways across the country, and ruined the days of numerous Lebanese citizens.

Another day serves as a reminder for the necessity of the continuation of the ongoing uprising.

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