Cash Bouquets Popularity Rises In Lebanon Amid Economic Woes


As Lebanon approaches its third year of economic malaise, shops across the country are increasingly turning to creative uses for cash: Lira bouquets.

That’s right, cash bouquets. This inventive, and admittedly amusing, alternative seeks to provide options outside of the traditional high-priced and short-lived floral arrangements.

While cash presents are generally welcome by any recipient, it can often feel like a bit of a cop-out for the gift giver in question.

As the 30-year-old entrepreneur Tamara Hariri, who started her cash bouquet concept around a month ago, said to Al-Arabiya, “it gives those who want to help friends and relatives with cash a gift idea that is more acceptable to receive.”

Among the newcomers in the Lebanese podcast scene, Anthony Sargon gifted his intern Elijah a cash bouquet for his birthday on his show Do Not Worry.

In addition to making a traditionally inconsiderate gift more thoughtful, the act also supports local ingenuity amidst otherwise strenuous times.

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