Watch This Cat Photobomb A Lebanese Politician On Live Video


While former Lebanese MP Misbah Ahdab had some very serious words to say about the dire situation in Lebanon, the audience could not help but be distracted by a surprise appearance of a cat.

A cat stormed a press conference and photobombed, or rather video bombed, Ahdab’s live speech earlier today. The cat jumped on the table, surveyed the microphones into which Ahdab was speaking, walked back towards the camera and sniffed it, and then made its exit.

Meanwhile, Ahdab did not flinch nor pause. Unbothered, he totally ignored the cat’s existence. But the same can’t be said for the audience who took to social media to laugh about the incident.

“I couldn’t understand a single word Misbah Ahdab was saying. I was focused on the cat and how it was walking around careless about what’s being said,” tweeted a social media user.

Here’s a video of the conference from when the cat appears:

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