Syrian Men Caught Forging PCR Test Results In Lebanon

LBCI l Almanar

According to the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon, two Syrian nationals have been forging COVID-19 test results in Lebanon.

R. M. (born in 1995) and Q. M. (born in 1993) have been providing people leaving Lebanon with negative test results in exchange for an amount of money, ranging from 40,000 LL to 60,000 LL.

The ISF caught them in Hazmiyeh (Beirut) and arrested them. They admitted selling up to 100 fake results to people leaving Lebanon for Syria.

After further investigation, they also admitted that they had provided fake results to people who did not do the PCR test, through the forgery of an official PCR test result issued by the Rafic Hariri University Hospital and then making adjustments to the dates and names.

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