5 Caves And Grottos In Lebanon If You’re Feeling Adventurous

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Another way of escaping the scorching heat of the summer is also by going to the world under!

Lebanon’s captivating grottos, most famously Jeita and Afqa, boast breathtaking cave formations and historical significance, attracting nature lovers and explorers.

Qadisha Grotto

More than 10 million years old and stretching 778 meters long, Qadisha Grotto serves as the origin of the Qadisha River. The cave showcases a stunning array of colorful stalactites and stalagmites. It’s highly recommended to make an effort to visit this captivating natural wonder.

Kfarhim Grotto

The Kfarhim Grotto is a mesmerizing natural wonder with numerous layers of formations, including waterfalls, stalactites, and stalagmites, resulting in a breathtaking display of beauty. The cave features diverse caves of various shapes and sizes, situated 18 to 20 meters below ground level, maintaining a pleasant moderate temperature throughout the year.

Ain Wazen Grotto

This one is not for claustrophobes at all! Described as a “maze cave,” Ain Wazen Cave is located in the village of Ain Wazen. With 460m in depth, it is made of tight passages. The cave was first discovered in 2003 during construction works and made public in 2006.

Mabaj Grotto

Only a 25-minute drive from Jbeil, Mabaj Grotto, situated 750 meters above sea level. The rocks in the cave are nearly 190 million years old, with their current formation being roughly 30 to 40 million years old. The accessible part of the cave for visitors is about 220 meters long (excluding tunnels), while its total length is estimated to be around 4500 meters.

Zahlan Cave

Zahlan Cave is a delightful natural cavern believed to have existed for millions of years. It showcases a captivating view created by the sedimentary rocks, further accentuated by its beautiful lighting.

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