Celebrating Christmas in Lebanon is Not the Same Anywhere Else

“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” ~Alexander Smith

It’s the best time of the year. People all over the world are preparing to welcome Christmas time with presents, food, and family reunions.

Lebanon has always been one of the best holiday destinations in the world, and it has reclaimed that title for 2020, despite its struggles. With its timely winter and countrywide celebrations, Christmas in Lebanon has a special touch to it.

Although certainly not disregarded, the religious origin of Christmas in Lebanon seems to have been overridden by the Lebanese who celebrate it at the end of every year.

To understand what this means, take a look at Lebanon during the holiday, be it this year or the years before: You’ll notice that, unlike most countries around the world, people from all religious backgrounds in this country do celebrate the occasion.

Over the years, December 25th has become a time for the Lebanese to discard their differences and take advantage of the lovely spell cast upon the entire nation by the mystique of this special occasion.

No matter what you believe, or do not believe in, you are eligible to celebrate the birth of Christ in Lebanon.

During this time, Christmas trees and nativity scenes become a common sight in most Lebanese households and shops, from the farthest point north of the capital to the southest one South; it’s Christmas heaven all over the country.

Cliché as it may sound, this nationwide scene serves as yet another example of how unified Lebanese people are with one another. Their essence shines the most on this occasion, which brings them closer together than ever under the wing of the Christmas Spirit.

December 25th is the day that reminds the Lebanese that no matter how difficult the year has been, the struggle will pay off eventually. It is the time to lay down our problems, worries, and misunderstandings, and put on our warm red Santa hats, and wish everybody peace and joy.

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