The Lebanese Women We Acknowledge On International Women’s Day

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They have stood out as the breath of survival for Lebanon, torches of light in the darkness the country has been enduring, fighters for rights and truths, feeders of those in need, rescuers, healers, and more.

These are the Lebanese (s)heroes we acknowledge today, on International Women’s Day. In the face of the many trials and challenges, they have been an inspiration to the nation.

Here’s to them, the Lebanese women fighting death, pandemic, corruption, destruction, injustice, poverty, and grief.

Here’s to celebrating…

#1 The Lebanese mothers, a never-ending inspiration of resilience

To the ones who have loved, the ones who have mourned, and the ones we’ve lost.

For their losses…

And for their tears…

#2 The selfless activists fighting for justice, unity, and a better society

And those who, in many instances, have stopped escalations of sectarian conflicts…

#3 The first responders saving lives

#4 The fearless firefighters risking their lives to save others

Here’s to our women firefighters who fearlessly rush towards the flaming danger that others are trying to flee. Here’s to the ones we lost and to the ones who put the safety of others first.

#5 The revolutionaries for a better Lebanon

Here’s to them, staring corruption in the face and tearing it down. Here’s to their strength and determination, for history will remember that the Lebanese revolution was a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister…

#6 The students fighting for their education


#7 The brave journalists defying oppression to convey the truth

#8 The health workers, Lebanon’s heroes…

Here’s to the health workers who have had to tackle an enormous load of work from fighting the pandemic to dealing with the trauma of the Beirut blast.

#9 The animal rescuers

Here’s to the animal rescuers who help the most vulnerable creatures and give them a second chance at life – wanting nothing in return.

#10 The humanitarians

Here’s to the humanitarians without whom thousands of families would have been neglected.

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