10 Top Celebrities Who Wore Masterpieces by Lebanese Designer Rami Kadi

This is one of my favorite times when I get to write about our famous Lebanese designers who incite pride in us when their creations dazzle the world.

In that regard, we can’t miss giving tribute to a young Lebanese designer whose talent has carried his name far across the seas to the most important festivals and award events.

Rami Kadi has been indeed dressing up celebrities and famous personalities with his creatively unique haute couture, an expertise that has led him in recent years to be one of the most in-demand designers in the middle east.

Rami, who launched his career in 2011 at the age of 25, has today 40 highly skilled tailors and craftspeople in his atelier in Lebanon. 

In his words to Executive Magazine, “We definitely have a high level of craftspeople [in Lebanon], they’re qualified and have a strong savoir-faire. I’m always impressed by what they can achieve in every collection, and the amount of hours they spend on each dress.”

“Each dress takes about 1,200 hours of craftsmanship, and this really needs experts in the field.”

So, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have dazzled the crowds wearing his unusual designs.

#1 Negin Mirsalehi (International Fashion Influencer)

Negin made heads turn in this beautiful Rami Kadi mini dress shining in vibrant colors. Fun Fact: She was seen dazzling in this dress during the after-party of the Jamaloukicon event in Beirut this year!

#2 Isabeli Fontana (Brazilian Model)

Fresh off the runway, Isabeli looks radiant in this gorgeous Rami Kadi’s red silk gown contrasting with the silvery low-cut bustier. You owe to agree that she looks like a seductive greek goddess!

#3 Elizabeth Chambers (American Actress)

You certainly know her from The Game Plan (2007), Criminal Minds (2005) and Rolling Kansas (2003). Elizabeth is seen here in a beaming silver of a gala dress, which transparency contrasts with the classic conservative cut.

A master twist by Rami Kadi who has a knack for merging contrasts in stylish harmony.

#4 Elaine Welteroth (American Journalist and Best-Seller Author)

American journalist, New York Times best-selling author, and editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine was simply dazzling at the Vanity Fair party, dressed up in this daringly asymmetric nude tulle gown with gold embroidery by Rami Kadi.

#5 Najwa Karam (Lebanese Singer)

Najwa Karam, one of Lebanon’s finest singers, can not be missed in a crowded room, let alone dressed up this time in this mermaid-style curves-shaping gown of vibrant reflections. A stunning piece, indeed, by Rami Kadi.

#6 Camila Coehlo (International Fashion Influencer)

Brazilia bombshell Camila is another world celebrity who opted for a Rami Kadi’s design. This molding gown imposes itself with the oversized feather around the bustier that enhances the feminine off-shoulders’ cut. Who wouldn’t turn their heads to admire it and the woman wearing it? 

#7 Sara Samapio (Portuguese Model and Actress)

Sara Samapio, who is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a Giorgio Armani beauty ambassador, is seen wearing one of these dazzling masterpieces by Rami Kadi.

He certainly doesn’t shy away from his daring method of contrasts in styles. This Spanish-male-style suit with femininely seductive molding pants, and a long bridal tailpiece from the waist, all shiny with silvery lamels, it’s indeed a creative masterpiece to take your breath away!

#8 Myriam Fares (Lebanese Singer)

Another one of Lebanon’s finest, Myriam Fares, the talented singer looks totally dazzling in this strapless gown that takes us back to Marylin Monroe’s time and seductive looks, with some difference of great value: The rich silvery fabric that makes her look like a seductive princess.

#9 Katy Perry (American Singer, Song Writer)

Another off-shoulder design by Rami Kadi with incredible creativity, bringing together in one piece different opened styles and a unique fabric that is a merger of different types of stripes.

Overall, we think of a Pharaoh queen. Katy Perry, this singer, songwriter, and TV judge certainly rocked with that very unusual gorgeous gown.

#9 Kendall Jenner (American Model and Media Personality)

You certainly know her from her appearance in the E! reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kendall is a model of “the Instagirl era” movement, where models are chosen for their online presence and social media following.

She certainly had all eyes on her in this high cut flowy dress by Rami Kadi, and not just for its intricate cutting style.

#11 Nadine Labaki (Award-Winning Lebanese Filmmaker)

Needless to introduce (again) our internationally famous Lebanese director, producer, and filmmaker, which movie Capernaum has been recently ranked among the best of the 21st century

Nadine also opted for this haute-couture gown by Rami Kadi to walk the red carpet proudly elegant.

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