Cement Company Employees Close the Beirut-Tripoli Highway in Chekka

Holcim | NNA

In contrast to the usual empty highways during the coronavirus, there was heavy traffic on the highway on May 27th. The cause: protests.

About 1,200 financially threatened employees of the Holcim Cement plant in Chekka, the oldest cement factory in Lebanon, and Al-Sabeh Cement went on a strike and blocked the roads around the company, which led to a pile-up of cars behind cement trucks.

Threatened financially by the halt in the company’s production, the employees took to the streets.

Their protest was a call to action from the people to their government; the employees wanted quick and direct answers, and the approval to begin working on a new project to resume the company’s production.

Cimenterie Nationale Factory in Chekaa, Lebanon | EJAtlas
Holcim Plant – Cemnet

Member of the Parliament Fadi Saad recently spoke up about the importance of the companies, both for the social balance in Lebanon and the economy, and insisted the companies must not pause their work.

According to NNA, Fadi Saad invited the parliament and certain ministries to take immediate action in order to set a plan that will protect hundreds of employees from losing their jobs.

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