Lebanon’s Central Bank Employees Announced A 3-Day Strike


On Tuesday, the union of the Central Bank’s employees announced a 3-day strike following judge Ghada Aoun’s raid of the building looking for the Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh.

The strike starts on Wednesday, July 20th.

The union called upon the Minister of Justice, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, and the Public Prosecutor of Cassation to ensure that such events won’t occur again and warned of an open strike if no action is taken.

It considered the judge’s action as a violation of “the dignity of the institution and its employees.”

Earlier that day, Lebanon’s state security patrol raided Riad Salameh’s house in Rabieh and headed towards the Central Bank in search of him but were not able to enter the building per the decision of Judge Raja Hamoush.

However, judge Ghada Aoun did manage to get in accompanied by some personnel.

Later on, Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati expressed his disapproval of the way the file of the governor is being handled, calling it “not a solution.”

Back in June, Central Bank employees held a one-day strike to protest against the legal proceedings the regulator is facing deeming the situation as unjust.

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