Cerelac Ice Cream Is A Thing Now & It’s Bringing Back Lots Of Memories For Lebanese

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Cerelac Ice cream has been taking Lebanese Tiktok by storm these past couple of weeks, and for all the right reasons!

Gelato Show, a pastry-coffee shop with several locations across Lebanon, is serving ice cream with a twist.

Gelato Show blends the ice cream with the nostalgia of powdered Cerelac – perhaps what makes the taste buds flourish with flavor. To be more specific, the combination is Cerelac merry cream with Cerelac powder on top.

People are all over social media and TikTok sharing their first time trying this.

The portion is presented in a newly designed package – a Nestle Cerelac box with a light blue color and a bowl that reminds you of what you would have as a child.

The Cerelac ingredient seems to bring back childhood memories for Lebanese people.

Cerelac was an essential part of Lebanese childhood. Now that it is a part of a simple but flavorsome mix, it is reminding the Lebanese of those times and retaining a joyful moment inside their hearts.

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