Cesc Fàbregas’ Lebanese Wife Just Blasted Lebanon’s Politicians On Twitter

Cesc Fàbregas' Lebanese Wife Just Criticized Lebanon Politicians.
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“Chaotic” is how Daniella Semaan best describes the Lebanese Parliament. In a blunt tweet that she posted on Sunday, the Lebanese influencer blasted the Lebanese legislative body.

Semaan’s tweet showed a photo of the members of the Lebanese Parliament standing in an unorderly manner inside the Parliament Hall, with the following text written above it:

“You’ve ruled for 30 years, spent 320 billion dollars that suffice to build 15 states and you did not build a single factory. No one is stupider than you are but those who defend and cheer for you,” under the hashtag #You_are_but_chaos.

The social media icon did not leave it at that but captioned the tweet, “the cave of thieves in my country.”

The London-based Daniella Semaan, who describes herself on Twitter as “a proud mother of 5 and a proud Lebanese,” is known to be highly critical of the Lebanese authorities through social media.

Among other things, the influencer has previously used the terms “liars,” “mafias,” “gangsters,” and “criminals” to describe the politicians of Lebanon, whom she has not been reluctant to compare to dictators.

On a separate note, in March, Daniella Semaan took Lebanon and social media by storm when she posted a video of her husband, Spanish professional footballer Cesc Fàbregas, asking the Lebanese people to “stay at home and eat shawarma.

The video came to promote self-quarantine and social distancing in Lebanon after the country went into lockdown, following the local spread of COVID-19.

Notably, Daniella Semaan and Cesc Fàbregas recently celebrated their 2nd marriage anniversary, on May 14th.

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