George Chakra’s New Fashion Collection Is About Heroic & Strong Women

Georges Chakra

The internationally renowned Lebanese designer George Chakra appeared to want to share a particular message with his 2021-2022 Fall-Winter collection.

Women with character are reflected in his new outstanding pieces, which he aimed as a show of realism.

Georges Chakra

Strength and heroism, and also hope in humanity, are at the heart and forefront of his collection, as he described his muse as “heroic and strong.”

Georges Chakra

From the heart of Lebanon, where people refuse to surrender to the heavy load of crises and pains, the Lebanese designer has devised his own message of resilience, meant to be empowering and also a tribute to women’s strength.

The chosen venue for the presentation of this collection carries its significance; a beautiful yet ruined palace that had lived an era of glory…

However, as introduced in George Chakra’s website, “the collection looks at the promises that lie at the heart of humanity.”

Black, vibrant red, and dark blue predominate in the collection with “fierce lines and structure shapes,” reflecting strength and resilience, while the white makes its appearance for hope in humanity.

Feminism, which constitutes an essential part of women’s strength, is reflected in all its beauty and elegance in Chakra’s collection.

A striking contrast amidst devastation, exuding resilience.

Georges Chakra

Romance is neither gone unnoticed in the collection, with colors of the night and seductive flows…

…while the bride will always be in white, for hope lies in peace and the perpetuation of humanity…

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