Lebanese Guinness Records’ Holder Is Auctioning Her Art To Support Beirut’s Families

Caroline Chaptini @carolinechaptini

Caroline Chaptini, a Lebanese environmental activist, is known for her iconic arts, created from scattered plastic bottles, to raise awareness about the must of recycling.

Her pieces earned her Guinness World Records: The Tallest Plastic Bottle Sculpture (a Christmas Tree in 2019) and The Largest Bottle Cap Mosaic (a Crescent Moon in 2020).

Now, with the people of Beirut needing all that the help they can get to survive the catastrophe of the explosion, she’s stepping up once more to make a difference, and this time beyond raising awareness.

She’s raising funds, and she’s doing so by auctioning a beautiful piece of art she has just created for that humanitarian purpose.

“I’m a single mother and to think that my daughter and I are lucky enough to be alive with food on our table and a roof above our heads, something that seems to be a privilege in Lebanon, pushed me to do this initiative,” Caroline told The961.

With the help of Lebanese food blogger Beirutfood, the oversized piece of art was created in just 24 hours, and exquisitely created indeed.

Staying true to her environmental mission, she used bottle caps and also colorful shisha tips to pay homage to Beirut’s culture.

“I feel like this piece shows who Beirut truly is… It embodies a powerful woman, Sitt El Dunnya, who’ll rise from the debris,” Caroline explained.

This 3×3 artwork is up for auction until Sunday. It has allocated $700 so far and she is hoping that more people will participate so she can raise more.

“The proceeds will help us cover a 2-month rent for affordable houses,” Chaptini told The961. “The more money we have, the more families we can help.”

Unlike other individual donors, Caroline is taking it upon herself to deliver the donations herself.

The auction process is simply done by contacting Caroline directly on her Instagram account or by leaving a comment on her post.

Aside from ensuring decent shelter to families, the lucky winner will be owning a unique and exquisite piece of art from the artist whose name is recorded, twice, in the Guinness World Records.

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