This Lebanese Just Completed The Largest Plastic Crescent Moon in The World

Caroline Chaptini

Caroline Chaptini, who previously broke the Guinness Record for the largest plastic Christmas tree, embarked last month into attempting to create the largest crescent moon out of recycled plastic bottle caps.

“Too much work to be done, yet too little time. Will the crescent moon be done by Ramadan?” This is how the Guinness World Record holder announced her project on Instagram.

Well, now we know the answer. Chaptini has indeed risen up to the challenge and achieved it, and in “too little time.” That alone should earn her an additional world record.

Her plastic crescent moon, apart from soon winning Lebanon another world record, and apart from spreading an environmental message, was the perfect Eidiyeh for Lebanese people of all sects and religions.

Most importantly, this project is a message of hope to the country and the people. No matter how hard our living conditions are at the moment, we are still capable of doing great things.

We’ve always been able to find the good despite the bad, and when we can’t find it, we create it.

Chaptini has just reminded us of that, like the Social Grocery is doing right now and other local initiatives; when the Lebanese people can’t find the good around them, they create it whatever the odds.

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"مجرد ما نحلم… يعني فينا نحقق المستحيل" أنا حلمت وحققت حلمي ب١٦٠ ساعة عالقد، استفدت من الحجر لأعمل الشي يلي وعدتكن في. تسكّر بوجّي بواب كتيرة من كورونا وطقس وغيرها، بس ما استسلمت!وجايي اليوم حاملي لبنان معي تا نفوت سوا عا غينيس، ونخلي كل الدني تشوف شو يعني العيش المشترك، لأنو #رمضان_بيجمعنا بالرغم من كل الظروف! اليوم خلص هلال رمضان يلي وعدكن في. بدي اشكر كل شخص جمّعلي طبقة من لبنان والخارج، وكلّ حدا زارني بفترة العمل وساعدني! بهالمشروع انا بدي عيّد كلّ العالم بمناسبة رمضان الكريم على امل انو نعيّد سوا لو من بعيد.. وما تنسوا تحلموا وتحققوا. Ps…. بعد في الصورة الاخيرة عبارة عن لوحة بتخولني اخد شهادة غينس… Stay tunned?? . . #ramadan #lebanon #woman #dubai #uae #recycle #empowerment #womenempowerment Special thanks for @marie.chidiac.7 @eliasasaliba for helping me all days @youssefchagoury for these lovely pic

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Caroline Chaptini broke the Guinness World Record for the largest Plastic Bottle Sculpture in 2019, a personal initiative she started to reduce plastic waste in Lebanon.

From her “Save them, don’t throw them” campaign, she was able to beat Mexico’s record with a 28.5 meters tall Christmas tree.

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