20+ Photos Of Lebanese Buildings In Tripoli That Will Take You Back In Time

Nazim Kapitan/@canongallery | @zeinachandab

Architecture in Lebanon was greatly influenced by the civilizations that once roamed the land, from its first inhabitants the Phoenicians to the invading empires, such as the Byzantines and Romans, the Mamluks, the Crusaders, the Ottomans, and eventually the French. 

Hidden beyond the modern homes and contemporary architecture, you can still find traces and elements of Tripoli’s long history reflected in an amalgam of identities of various cultures and civilizations.

These buildings, in particular, are fascinating sights across Tripoli, where people value life, tradition, art, colors, and nature.

Undying beauty

Welcoming Classiness

Traditional with splash of colors

Classic over the ancient

By the path of times

Elaborated sculpted balcony

Where neighbouring takes a charming meaning

A city that loves refreshing colors

Where a past of glory refuses to totally fade

Sophistication in the traditional

Imposing architecture

…With balconies that have witnessed history

Ottoman influence

Refreshing coastal colors in an alley

A beauty withstanding times and challenges

Fascinating arabesque

A particular look

Traditional balcony

Beautiful architecture

Nature abounds in home gardens

The Karami Palace

An ancient city that warmly shines at sunrise

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