Child Cancer Patients Are Lacking Critical Medication To Survive In Lebanon


Lebanon’s economic crisis and medicine shortage are now threatening the treatment and survival of children with cancer.

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), a non-profit that treats children with cancer, has begun campaigning to raise funds for importing medications that are out-of-stock in Lebanon.

In an email sent out by CCCL, the center urged for help to secure an out-of-stock medication that is critical to every child with leukemia, a form of cancer that has a 92% cure rate.

Each vial costs $2,239, said CCCL, and 530 vials are required to cover the need of 11 hospitals across Lebanon that depend on the non-profit.

This amounts to over $1 million needed to secure the urgently-needed medication.

“It is unacceptable to lower this survivorship percentage because a medication was not secured,” wrote CCCL.

“It is unacceptable because this percentage is not a number. This percentage is kids with names, parents, siblings, and friends at school.”

50% of child cancer patients in Lebanon depend on the CCCL for treatment. “It’s not just a matter of medications. It’s a matter of life or death!” CCCL said.

Speaking to The961, CCCL said, “Unfortunately, the situation is very bad.”

You can donate here to help brave children in Lebanon have a better chance at beating cancer during such unprecedented crises.

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