15 Child-Friendly Beaches & Resorts In Lebanon For A Fun Day With Your Family

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As much as we love having our adult outings, spending happy days out with our children and their cheerfulness and excitement is even more fun.

They surely need these outings but adults also need these moments to be kids again and just have fun, whether you are the parent, the aunt, the uncle, the adult sibling, and so on.

And, let’s admit it, it is always such an amusement to watch kids freely and excitingly playing with water… and sand. Their happy vibes are just so contagious!

So, it’s summer and its activities are calling for family times. Here are child-friendly beach and pool resorts in Lebanon where you can have such great times and build new happy memories with your children!

WaterGate Aqua Adventure Park – Dbayeh

The WaterGate is a thrilling Aqua park with rides, activities, swimming pools, restaurants, and gardens, where you and your kids will enjoy a full day of fun.

The entrance fees range from $25 for adults and $20 for kids.

For reservation, contact 04 555 666.

Miramar Hotel Resort & Spa – El Qalamoûn

The Miramar Hotel Resort and Spa is a luxurious facility in El Qalamoûn, Tripoli. where all the family can have extra fun in the hot summer sun.

Here are the entrance fees:

  • For adults above 18 years
    400,000 LBP on weekends
    300,000 LBP on weekdays
  • For teenagers under 18 years
    250,000 LBP on weekdays
    350,000 LBP on weekends

For more info, contact 06 400 707.

Cancun City Club – Kfarehbab

Cancun City is a fitness and leisure club fit for a great time with your family!

The pool fees for June 2022 are the following:

  • Kids (2-10 years): 100,000 LBP on weekdays – 130,000 LBP on weekends [with a monthly fee of $30 and a seasonal fee of $90]
  • Adults: 150,000 LBP on weekdays – 180,000 LBP on weekends [with a monthly fee of $45 and a seasonal fee of $140]
  • Family (2 adults – 2 kids): monthly $125 – seasonal fee of $380.

You can get a 30,000 LBP discount upon entry before noon.

For more info, contact 03 148 288.

Damour Country Club – Damour

Damour Country Club is a beach, tennis, and fitness club that will give you and your family great fun all summer long!

  • Entrance fees for adults: 200,000 LBP on weekdays and 250,000 LBP on weekends.
  • 100,000 LBP for kids on weekdays and weekends.
  • Entrance after 3:00 pm: 100,000 LBP on weekdays and 150,000 LBP on weekends.

For inquiries, contact 03 758 226.

O-Riva – Antelias

Located in Antelias, O-Riva is a swimming pool facility that offers a live kitchen and bar and gives your kids the opportunity to have all the pleasure they deserve.

Here are the fees (same price for adults and kids):

  • Weekdays: 150,000 LBP
  • Weekends: 200,000 LBP

For more information, contact 76 888 758.

The Leisure Club – Deek El Mehdi

The Leisure Club in Deek El Mehdi is one of the best and most chill places to spend a nice time swimming and tanning with your family.

Here are the fees for the outdoor pool:

  • 1-month fee: $150 single and $300 family
  • Summer season: $250 single and $500 family
  • Visitors (above age 10): 200,000 LBP
  • Children (under age 10): 150,000 LBP
  • Baby (under age 2): free

For info, contact: 03 340 341 or 04 920 921.

Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort – Jbeil

The Eddésands Hotel and Wellness Resort in Jbeil offers a luxurious experience for all the family.

The entrance fees range from 390,000 LBP during weekdays and 490,000 LBP during weekends. Kids (3-12 years old) are charged 250,000 LBP during weekdays and weekends.

For more info, contact 09 546 666.

SOLEM – Zaarour

SOLEM is one great mountain pool surrounded by beautiful greenery in the Zaarour area where you can have extra fun with your kids

Here are the entrance fees:

  • Weekdays: Adults 90,000 LBP and Kids (under 12) 70,000 LBP
  • Saturdays: Adults 150,000 LBP and Kids (Under 12) 100,000 LBP
  • However, Sundays are strictly 21+

For reservations, contact 71 686 969.

Byblos FUN Planet – Jbeil

Located in Jbeil, Byblos Fun Planet offers a wonderful swimming and fun facility for all the family. The entrance fees are $8 for both kids and adults.

For inquiries, contact 78 882 833.

WhiteLace Resort – Halat

To have great pleasure and entertainment with all the family all summer long, all you have to do is visit the WhiteLace resort in Halat.

The entrance fees are as follows:

200,000 LBP for adults and 100,000 LBP for kids during weekdays, and 300,000 LBP for adults and 150,000 LBP for kids during the weekend.

For more info, contact 09 478 444.

Lazy B – Jiyeh

Located in Jiyeh, Lazy B is a beach club just 20 minutes away from Beirut. The entrance fees are as follows:

Full day

  • Individuals over 14 years: 400,000 LBP (Monday to Thursday), 450, 000 LBP (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 200,000 LBP (ID card may be requested).

Half-day (after 3:30 pm)

  • Individuals over 14: 250,000 LBP (Monday to Thursday), 250,000 LBP (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 100,000 LBP (ID card may be requested).

For more info, contact 70 950 010.

Pangea Beach Resort – Jiyeh

Enjoy the great summer vibes at the Pangea Beach Resort for $10 and $12 (for adults during weekdays and weekends respectively) and kids for $8 (weekdays) and $10 (weekends).

For Reservations: 03 199 777.

Bahamas Beach Resort – Jiyeh

The Bahamas is a splendid beach resort where kids and families can have a lot of fun times. The fees range from 250,000 LBP for adults, and 125,000 LBP for kids.

For info, contact 07 995 042.

Nanaya Beach Club – El Heri

For the greatest summer entertainment, all you can do is visit Nanaya Beach Club on the coast of El Heri, Northern Lebanon.

The entrance fees are as follows:

  • Weekdays:
    $10 for guests of 10 years and above
    $6 for kids (under 10 years)
  • Weekends:
    $14 for guests of 10 years and above
    $8 for kids (under 10 years)

For more info, contact 03 083 583.

Tiki Bar Lagon – Jounieh 

Have fun surrounded by the tropical ambiance and your lovely family at the Tiki Bar Lagon in the heart of Jounieh. The entrance fees range from:

  • Adults:
    150,000 LBP weekdays
    200,000 LBP weekends
  • Kids: (under 12years old)
    75,000 LBP weekdays
    100,000 LBP weekends

For reservation, contact 70 605 575 or 09 931 380.

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