15 Children & 40 Adults Will Die If AUB Medical Center Does Not Get Electricity By Monday


In a terrifying announcement, the American University of Beirut Medical Center stated that forty adults and fifteen children living on respirators will die by Monday if no electricity is supplied.

AUBMC appealed today for an urgent supply of fuel before it finds itself forced to completely shut down on Monday.

In the appeal, the medical center reveals that ventilators and other lifesaving devices will stop operating, which will lead to the death of tens of kids and adults. Another 180 people who are diagnosed with renal failure will also die shortly after being poisoned.

If that was not enough, hundreds of cancer patients of all ages would die in the following weeks because they would not be getting the proper treatment.

AUBMC called for urgent help from the United Nations, UNICEF, WHO, and the absent Lebanese government to act in the next 48 hours before the nightmare occurs.

They fully blamed the latter and held all Lebanese officials responsible for the massacre that might happen.

AUBMC also emphasized that AUB has been rationing the supply of fuel for weeks to help provide more of it to its medical center but it ran out.

This disaster could have been prevented had there been proper authoritative action. The complete absence of a functional government has already claimed so many lives. If tragedy strikes on Monday, it is clear who would be responsible.

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