3 Children Just Died From A Gas Bottle Explosion in Lebanon


On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 22nd, three Syrian children passed away in a fatal accident in the city of Hermel in the northern part of Lebanon, reported the NNA.

Due to a gas tank explosion in the home of a Syrian family living in Hermel, two children died immediately, and four others were injured.  

One of the four injured children was in severe condition and passed away hours later while being treated. The other injured children are still under medical treatment.

The case is being investigated by the Internal Security Forces. However, these accidents are not unfortunately uncommon. Months ago, a gas bottle explosion in a restaurant in Al-Mina, Tripoli was also reported.

The restaurant owner Jamal Lazkani suffered from his burns and passed away days later, widowing his wife and leaving his three young children fatherless.

These tragedies are indeed one of Lebanon’s numerous big problems that need to be looked into. Many still rely on the use of these gas bottles in their kitchens at home or in restaurants.

A proper electricity plan by the state will be sufficient for the complete dependence on electrical appliances. 

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