A Staggering Number Of Children In Lebanon Are Expected To Die From Hunger

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

Save The Children International, an organization that focuses on children’s rights to surviving, learning, and safety warned against the dangers of hunger in Lebanon and its impact on the children.

This organization, which has 25,000 dedicated staff across 117 countries around the world, backed up its concerns with the fact that 910,000 citizens in Beirut don’t have enough money to secure food and other basic needs.

More than half of these almost million people are children threatened by hunger due to the economic crisis.

Jad Sakr, the Country Director of Save The Children Lebanon, warned that “we will start witnessing children die from hunger before the end of 2020.”

“This crisis is having a toll on everyone, Lebanese families as well as Syrian and Palestinian refugees,” he stressed.

In an interview with Al-Hurra News, Jad Sakr added, “Our priorities must be these vulnerable and marginalized families that have sunk below the poverty line. We must take action now, for truly there are people going to bed hungry.”

These families aren’t able to provide for their basic needs like food, electricity, fuel, and water, and with that, “more than half a million children in Beirut are struggling to survive.”

Not only in Beirut, though, and not only from hunger.

The children of Lebanon – they, who are the future of the country – are also suffering a great deal from power outages, some in life-threatening conditions.

شو هالذل يلي نحن فيه؟؟!!حال أطفال كل لبنان ليلة أمس..عاقبونا لنعرف حقيقتكم أكثر…يوم تبيض وجوه و تسود وجوه#بيروت_بلا_كهربا

تم النشر بواسطة ‏بيروت ٢٤‏ في الأربعاء، ٢٩ يوليو ٢٠٢٠

Lebanon, in its current multi-crisis, is robbing its kids of their childhood and, many would probably lose their lives, as the organization expects, if the government doesn’t fully focus on saving the country as a top priority.

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