China Now Has Coronavirus Outbreak Under Control


Ground zero for the COVID-19 spread was the city of Wuhan in China. On March 11th, the WHO declared this outbreak a pandemic. From hundreds of cases and millions of people infected, China now has the outbreak under control.

In December 2019, the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei. During the following 3 months, thousands of Chinese people were reported ill. Within the first week of the outbreak, hundreds died daily in China.

However, with remarkable efforts and commitment of the Chinese government and the Chinese health system, the numbers went down remarkably.

According to NNA, China now reports that on Friday, March 13th, only 5 new cases appeared. For the second consecutive day, less than 10 cases appear to be newly infected. China reported that there were no locally transmitted infections throughout the rest of the country.

A hotel in Quanzhou where 71 people were held under observation for coronavirus collapsed. [AFP]

The Chinese authorities stated that these cases were imported from people traveling to affected areas.

In-ground zero, Wuhan, only 5 new cases appeared on Thursday, March 12th, according to the National Health Commission. In addition, Shanghai reported 2 new cases, while in Beijing only 1.

Straits Times | REUTERS

8 new infections, in total, were reported in China, which is the lowest since the outbreak started. To date, the total number of cases in China is 80,813 with 3,176 deaths.

China has now regained control over the virus and has turned its attention to imported cases. The National Health Commission stated on Thursday that the coronavirus epidemic had passed its peak in China.

Outside China, however, the alarm on coronavirus has intensified and global markets are suffering while governments are putting strict measures to control its spread.

Worldwide the number of infected people has reached 127,000 people.

In attempts to help the most affected country, China has sent 9 medical experts to Italy with 31 tons of supplies.

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