China Wants to Help Lebanon with More Donations to Fight Coronavirus

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Life in China is starting to return gradually to normal now that the coronavirus outbreak there is under control and slowing down. The country is setting an example for the world; it showed that the virus can be stopped. It is also showing other countries how to stop it.

The worst in China has passed and, now that they have the virus under control, the Chinese are helping other affected places to contain their outbreak, too.

They recently sent pandemic experts and 31 tons of Coronavirus gear to Italy. They also donated Lebanon medical supplies and some Coronavirus airport screening equipment.

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Now, the Chinese ambassador to Lebanon announced that China wants to offer more donations to help Lebanon in its fight against COVID-19.

In his talk with Xinhua Net, Wang Kejian declared that China and the Lebanese Ministry of Health are allies in this battle against COVID-19.

They are exchanging expertise and working on applying and developing precautionary measures to control the virus.

China, according to the ambassador, has offered the Lebanese Ministry strategies for the prevention, diagnosis, and isolation that will hopefully work against the further spread of the virus.

In the meantime, China keeps sending donations to Lebanon, including PCR testing kits. It is also working on providing more support by studying the country’s new needs and demands when it comes to medical supplies.

As the Lebanese Minister of Health put it, the relation between Lebanon and China is brotherly first and technical second.

It has been certainly remarkable the strength, determination, and humanity China has proven during this global outbreak that had hit them the most.

Even though they had their long and hard battle to fight, they appear not to want to rest until the global pandemic is over, embarking to help other countries in their battles as well.

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