Chinese Ship Heading To Tripoli Port Is Raising Concerns

A Chinese ship is reportedly going to dock in Tripoli’s port on Tuesday, February 11, raising a high level of concern amongst the Lebanese dock workers, citizens, and the Ministries of Public Health and Public Works and Transport.

After the fast spread of coronavirus to different Asian and European countries, and the WHO declaring it a global health emergency, people have been on high alert, and for a good reason.

Lebanon has taken all the preventive measures at Beirut Airport according to the WHO’s guidelines. However, Lebanese docks were not taken into consideration. The report of the Chinese ship’s scheduled docking in Tripoli’s port has incited a wave of concern amongst the Lebanese population.

According to Lebanon24, port manager Ahmed Tamer said that a health report was sent to Lebanon from the ship’s company stating that all people on board have undergone the necessary medical examination. The ship is free of the Coronavirus, according to its report.

A source to Annahar News stated that all precautionary measures have been taken regarding the Chinese ship. They include the clean bill of health of all those on board as well as assurance that the ship departed China 2 weeks ago.

According to the CDC, 2019-nCoV appears 2 to 14 days after exposure, based on what has been seen previously of the incubation period of MERS viruses.

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport released a statement urging the management of the ports of Beirut and Tripoli to refrain from receiving the Chinese ship coming to Lebanon unless the Ministry of Public Health and competent authorities would deem it safe.

The Minister of Health is surely responsible for following up on the matter and has reportedly taken all preventive measures and appropriate medical steps to ensure safety during the unloading of the vessel from its cargo.

Minister Hamad released a statement confirming that the ship departed 15 days ago from china. Ever since its departure, it has docked at the ports of Marseille in France and Port Said in Egypt, and it will stay in Lebanon for a few hours.

The Ministry of Public Health has been following the vessel’s status closely for a few days. In their last contact, it was confirmed that the crew does not suffer from any symptoms, according to the ministry.

The health ministry has assured that the quarantine team will follow the required health procedures on the ships, take the temperature of those on board, and check their health status, as additional precautionary measures, when they docked in Lebanon.

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