7 things you should do during the Christmas break in Lebanon!

There are few weeks left for Christmas break! It’s an opportunity to relax and do fun things to reward yourself for all the hard work that you have done during the past year! Here are few things you can do during the holidays in Lebanon!

Reunite with your family

We all have crazy relatives; however,

family gatherings

on Christmas are precious. Seeing your young cousins being excited about their gifts and your grandparents enjoying the family’s presence in one place is magical.

Prepare dinner

Preparing dinner is also about hearing all gossips and get updates about your relatives. Even if you do not like cooking, helping out in the kitchen can be really fun on Christmas Eve, especially if you manage to taste the food without anyone noticing!

Enjoy Lebanese food 

Christmas dinner is the reason why the holidays are interesting in Lebanon. Imagine a table full of the food that you like such as rez blahme and mezza! Also, you get to enjoy yule log after dinner.

See Christmas decorations

Fairy lights cover the regions of Lebanon in December! Each region has its own Christmas decoration and some of them even have a Christmas village.




make their best to amaze us with their decorations! You can also visit


to feel the holiday vibes.

Go to the mountains

https://www.instagram.com/p/BBpErmFhmNj/ After celebrating Christmas with your family, consider heading North to ski or do any

winter activity

. It snowed early in Lebanon this year, so we expect this winter to be a good season for skiers and snowboarders.

Spend a weekend in a mountain cabin

https://www.instagram.com/p/xyblwLkPD0/ Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity to relax! Unlike summer break, you cannot spend a lot of time outside, so the remaining option is to find something fun to do indoors. Consider gathering with your friends and spending a weekend in a mountain cabin. Nothing beats the view of the snow-capped mountains from a window while enjoying a hot drink!

Listen to the Christmas songs of Fairouz

It’s highly probable that you are going to get stuck in traffic on Christmas eve or on your way to Faraya. Listening to the

Christmas songs of Fairouz

is the best way to overcome your frustration.

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