14+ Top Destinations For Christmas Shopping In Lebanon

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The time of the year has come for special shopping. That’s when the list lengthens beyond the household and the family as we go on adding all those we want to wish them Merry Christmas with a present or express our affection or gratitude with a nice gesture.

For some, Christmas shopping is a thrill. For others, however, it’s a hassle whatever the loving intention.

In addition to the various Christmas markets across Lebanon where you can shop for Christmas, here is a list of top shopping destinations.

#1 Le Mall (Dbayeh, Saida)

Le Mall is one of the best shopping venues in Lebanon. You can shop, get entertained, and eat all in one place. Thus, Christmas shopping will be easier for you surrounded by astonishing Christmas décor. They open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

#2 City Mall (Dora)

One of the biggest malls in Lebanon, City Mall offers everything for your comfort. You can go for your Christmas shopping, buy your groceries, and entertain your kids, all in one spot. There are also several special entertainment shows on the ground floor until January 2nd.

#3 Centro Mall (Jnah)

Centro Mall describes itself to be a family destination and many entertainments are being offered to celebrate the season while shopping. Free parking is available.

#4 City Center (Hazmieh)

City Center is a fashion, social, and leisure spot. And if you like to support local brands, don’t hesitate to shop there.

#5 The Spot (Choueifat)

The Spot in Choueifat is a great destination to have fun with your family and friends, shop, and enjoy the Christmas spirit. There is also a Christmas Market happening from December 17th to 23rd, from 11 AM until 8 PM.

#6 ABC (Dbayeh, Ashrafieh, Verdun)

ABC is a luxurious mall where fashion and lifestyle meets. They also offer online shopping. It is a great place to go shopping with your family since they have Christmas show lineups.

#7 Hamra Street

Shopping in Hamra streets is never more enjoyable than at Christmas. You can go with your friends, hang out, grab a bite, and shop in high-end clothing stores all in the same area.

#8 Beirut Souks

You can’t certainly miss the Beirut Souks this season to immerse in the Christmas mood with all that it has to offer of shopping facilities and Christmas festivities until December 30th.

#9 Karout Mall (Beirut)

Karout Mall is a great place to shop for home utilities, beauty products, electric appliances, and more.

#10 Kaslik Street

Kaslik Street is a vibrant and energetic destination for high-end stores. It’s also a spot where young people gather to have fun shopping, dining, and hanging out. You will surely enjoy shopping for your loved ones this season while surrounded by many options.

#11 Zalka/ Jal el Dib Souk

You will enjoy Christmas shopping in the Zalka district since all the shops are next to each other, thus walking is not a problem. You will also find many options for gifts and spend the day shopping without the stress.

#12 GS Stores (Various locations)

You will find everything you need from head to toe in the GS outlet, from the latest fashion, and brand trends to home decor and gift ideas.

GS Stores can be found in downtown Beirut, Verdun, Hamra, Saida, Tripoli, Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Dora, Kaslik, Hazmieh, and Jounieh.

#13 Byblos Souk

Byblos Souk rocks during the Christmas season and is a destination to consider to both enjoy shopping and the festivities.

#14 Cascada Mall (Bekaa)

A massive mall in Zahle, Kab Elias, the Cascada has been a destination for shopping, dining, and leisure. You can find almost everything and all kind of retails for your shopping. The mall is also offering plenty of activities and entertainment during the Christmas season.

#15 Tripoli Square Mall

Previously known as Faubourg de Tripoli, this mall in Bahsas-Tripoli has been a shopping destination in the north of Lebanon, offering a wide range of stores and brands that are worth the trip this season.

#16 The seasonal Christmas markets (various locations)

Don’t miss out on the festivities at the Christmas markets. Shopping in these markets is a thrill of discovery with so many options, including local products and artisans. Click here to check them out.

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