This Christmas Video Of Lebanese Living Abroad Will Make You Tear Up


The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon made a video of Lebanese living abroad talking about what they miss the most about Lebanon.

We see clips of Lebanese all over the world; New York City, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Dubai, France, and Jordan.

Among the things they say they miss, food seems to be on top of the list: Shawarma, lahm bi ajeen, kousa, kibbe, mashewe, zaatar, kaak, knefe and of course, “mom’s cooking”.

Then there are the small things that make you feel nostalgic: beer on the side of the beach, being able to party anywhere, best nightlife, hanging out at the cafe and so on.

The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon did an amazing job with this video! Missing Lebanon a lot more now!


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