Church Bells and Azan Resound in Unity in Tripoli

Just when we thought that Lebanese people couldn’t get more united and supportive of each other, people in the north proved us wrong. In the heart of the protest in Al-Nour Square and with the presence of protesters and both Christian and Muslim Clerics, Azan and church bells started resonating simultaneously.


The religious leaders raised their hands in unity as people raised their flags, and all fell silent amidst a rare and beautiful ambiance. After this precious moment, an applaud celebrating unified living broke out of the crowd, as songs of revolution resumed.

This gesture was necessary and very much needed in Lebanon at times like this. Lebanon is showing the world the deep love, care, and support its people have for each other. Those true feelings were long buried under implemented intolerance and division, but we have finally dug them out!



Many gestures like this one were made throughout the protests. Yesterday at the Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut that holds protesters of all ages, religions, and regions, everyone made sure that Muslims had a quite and peaceful prayer when Azan started playing. 

Via Gulf News

Plus, it sure isn’t the first time Tripoli surprised us during these last 7 days. People there had it the worst during Lebanon’s distress. So, right now, they are protesting the hardest.


From throwing the most awesome parties on the streets to persisting despite some assaults, and even shouting out supporting calls to their fellow Lebanese protesters in the south who have been under continuous assaults from political party gangs. Those people know how to protest!

This is the face of Lebanon everyone needs to see. This is our Lebanon! Sure, our country has many religions and sects, but we all live together with respect and acceptance. Anyone who is shown doing the opposite is alone in that and is only trying to convey the wrong message about this amazing country.

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