People In Lebanon Are Called To Be On Alert Of Eminent Forest Fires In The Coming Days

ISF Releases Maps Showing Areas At Risk Of Fires Starting In Lebanon
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The Directorate General of Civil Defense issued a statement on Tuesday, including a series of guidelines regarding the dangers of eminent forest fires in the coming days:

“Based on the possibility of forest fires…we warn of heavy losses in forests over a large area of Lebanese territory…the directorate general of civil defense calls on citizens to be alert.”

According to Weather of Lebanon, the hot spring weather will exceed 30 degrees on Wednesday with winds touching 80 km/h.

The Civil Defense issued the following guidelines for the public amid the risk of potential fires at temperatures that are expected to be higher than usual:

  • Do not burn weed when cleaning land because it is a highly flammable, especially if the wind is strong.
  • Clean small grasses and branches from under the trees and put them in safe places away from the forests.
  • Do not use crackers, especially near forests or dry herbs.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts from the car on the outskirts of the roads or when hiking in the forests and in the vicinity of forest areas.
  • Keep a hand extinguisher in the car for emergency use.
  • When burning barbecue stoves in the forest, a small hole should be made away from the grasses or dry branches used to ignite the fire for grilling when finished with dirt and pour water on it to cool it.

In case of fire, the directorate general urged the citizens to call 125 and report the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. The exact address and type of fire.

In recent years, Lebanon lost thousands of trees and wildlife amid huge fires devouring forests across the country.