Clashes In Zahle Between Hezbollah And Lebanese Forces On Elections Day (Video)

The presence of Hezbollah partisans has been noted during Elections Day in various areas that they deem theirs.

In Zahle, they clashed with the Lebanese Forces Party, which is also running in the elections in the city.

There have been reports of individuals injured in the clash.

Elections Day is materializing fiercer than the electoral race of these past weeks with Hezbollah and Amal adamant to maintain their control politically as well as on the ground in certain areas.

Their most threat in that comes from the Lebanese Forces party, headed by Samir Geagea whose party seemed to have gained popularity after the clashes of Tayyouneh.

As Election Day is still at its beginning, incidents of the use of force by Hezbollah and Amal partisans, whether verbal by threats or physical like seen in Zahle, are piling up.

In Tyre, LADE monitors had to withdraw after being threatened by Hezbollah and Amal reps at a polling station.

LADE has already recorded several violations since the start of the voting process on Elections Day.

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