Clashes Erupted Between Lebanese MPs Over The Syrian Refugees’ Repatriation File

Akhbar Lebanon

Journalist Salem Zahran tweeted about the “verbal clashes” that took place between a number of ministers about the file of the displaced Syrians saying that it “indicates a lack of seriousness in dealing with the file.”

This quarrel came after the recent visit of the Minister of displaced Issam Sharaf Al-Din to Damascus to discuss Syrian refugees’ repatriation.

Zahran added, “Yes, they were almost about to hit each other over who is heading the file, instead of discussing the essential.”

It’s noteworthy that the Syrian Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, confirmed during his talks meeting with the Lebanese Minister Sharaf El-Din, in Damascus, that the doors are open for the return of the displaced Syrians.

“The Syrian government is ready to provide everything they need, starting with transportation, medicine, and education, and is ready to provide shelters for those whose homes have not been built,” Makhlouf said.

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