Classic Sandwich Is Shutting Down Across Lebanon

Classic Sandwich Is Closing Down In Lebanon

Beirut-based fast food restaurant Classic Sandwich announced on Monday that it would close down due to the current situation in Lebanon.

The restaurant announced the news in a statement on its social media, revealing that its premises would be relocated to a different country.

“Despite all odds, we always thrived to serve you the best and provide you with the highest quality of service,” the statement read.

“However, in light of the current circumstances our beloved country is facing, in terms of the economic crisis and harsh conditions, we regret to inform you that we will be closing our company premises in order to open in another region.”

“Hoping our country will rise again, our loyalty and faith remain to you and our beloved Lebanon,” it added.

The restaurant did not specify where it would reopen. The961 reached out to Classic Sandwich, but they were not immediately available for comment.

Classic Sandwich is the latest popular Lebanese business to announce its decision to close down due to the economic crisis Lebanon is going through.

The nationwide shortage of fuel is one of the biggest challenges that many institutions across most sectors have been struggling to cope with.

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