Colombia Increases Watch Over Hezbollah’s Activities

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Colombia declared on Sunday that they are monitoring Hezbollah after accusing it of conducting criminal activities.

The Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano explained the decision: “Two months ago, we had to deal with a situation where we had to organize an operation to capture and expel two criminals commissioned by Hezbollah with the intention of committing a criminal act in Colombia.”

The Colombian Military Intelligence reported that the Lebanese party has been spying on American and Israeli businessmen in Colombia as well as the US diplomats in Bogota.

They furthermore declared, according to the Colombian media, that there were indications that the group aimed at assassinating an ex-Israeli intelligence agent who opened a business in Colombia.

Hezbollah has a growing presence in South America, especially in Venezuela and Colombia, countries with considerable Lebanese diaspora.

Colombia designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in January 2020

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Colombia Increases Watch Over Hezbollah's Activities

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