A Victim Of Beirut Explosion Just Woke Up From A 3-Week Coma

@gaellesayegh | @mayfairinterior

The explosion of August 4th left many unforgettable scars on Beirut. It took the lives of more than 200 innocent victims, injured thousands, and at least 50 people are still missing.

Yet as the city slowly recovers from the shock, so is its people. Some who were severely injured ultimately succumbed to their wounds, while others are making it through.

Carmen El-Khoury El-Sayegh, a mother of two, was in her home in Gemmayze at the time of the dreadful blast. The shockwave shattered her window all over her, injuring her gravely, with severe head trauma and significant loss of blood.

Carmen’s house after the blast

She went into a coma and has been in the hospital since then.

On Tuesday, August 25th, exactly three weeks after the explosion, Carmen woke up – conscious, responsive, alive!

The961 reached out to one of her relatives, Gaëlle Sayegh, who has tweeted about this blessing along with a photograph of herself with Carmen, her uncle’s wife.

On behalf of her family, she left a positive message for those whose families have also been struck by the tragedy, “Keep praying and stay hopeful because better days are coming.”

The number of injured victims still in hospitals is heartbreaking and their families have been in constant prayers as many didn’t make it. The news of Carmen is indeed hope-empowering for them and for all the Lebanese nation aching to hear more of such good news.