These Are The 7 Common Misconceptions About Lebanon!

If you live abroad or have ever met a foreign person, you know that there are lots of misconceptions about Lebanon, almost as if no one knows anything about it!

Here are 7 things that foreigners get wrong about Lebanon!

#1 Lebanon is sandy

Fun fact: Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East that does not have a desert. Lebanese people are proud of their country that is full of wonders. In fact, Lebanon is famous for its snow-capped mountains in winter. Also, Lebanon has 15 rivers that come from its mountains. Check out

the 7 wonders of Lebanon that should be on the world wonders list


#2 Lebanon is still at war

The Lebanese civil war ended in 1990. Currently, Lebanon is not at war. Here are 

9 pictures that show Lebanon during and after the Lebanese civil war


#3 Lebanon is a Muslim country

There are 18 sects in Lebanon making it religiously diverse! Muslims and Christians coexist in Lebanon. In the video below, Ave Maria and the Adhan are merged and sung by Tania Kassis, Maen Zakaria & Mahmoud Massaad.

#4 The Lebanese cuisine is mostly about hummus and tabbouleh

As much as Lebanese people adore hummus and tabbouleh, our diet is not based soley on these dishes. We have a large variety of dishes that constitute one of the most delicious and among the

healthiest cuisines

in the world. In fact, Beirut has been ranked first place in the “

Best International Cities For Food

” category in 2016 by Travel & Leisure!

#5 Beirut is still scarred from the civil war

It is true that Beirut got destroyed during the civil war, but we all know that this city is like a Phoenix and that nothing stops it from moving forward. Beirut was reconstructed, and it is the land of architectural wonders!

#6 Lebanon is a conservative country

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon is the least conservative one. In fact, women do not have to be veiled. Also, Lebanon has a legendary nightlife! You should definitely watch this


about Beirut’s nightlife by Red Bull!

#7 There is no freedom of expression in Lebanon

A person who follows the media in Lebanon knows that Lebanese people dare to express their opinions. The art of graffiti is a medium that some Lebanese use to communicate their thoughts.

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These Are The 7 Common Misconceptions About Lebanon!

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