Concerns Rising In Lebanon Over The Official Exams

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As the Lebanese official exams are just around the corner, there is still a big question mark regarding the future and the possibility of these exams happening.

With the continuous affirmations of the Ministry of Education & Higher Education (MEHE) and the education minister, Abbas Al Halabi, that the official exams will not be canceled, the socio-economic background cries for help.


The striking elevation of fuel prices, the long and continuous periods of electricity cuts, and the unstable and deteriorating value of the LBP are critical factors that play an important role in the official exams.

As teachers revolt against their low salaries and the students are still unsure about how to afford to go to their exam centers, this socio-economic instability roaming the country dominates the minds of teachers, students, and parents.

Aside from the teachers’ and the students’ predicaments, big questions have shaped up regarding the ability of the exam centers to hold the official exams therein.


Since official exams are held in public schools and during summer, cameras, air conditioners, and things as small as pens and papers are still being thought of.

A few days separate teachers and students from the official exams, yet no explanations have been given aside from the repetitive confirmations that the exams, under no circumstances, would be canceled.

The ministry of education has been easing the pressure on students by merely removing some of their materials.

Having these drastic outcomes projected on the Lebanese educational system, what once was a fruitful and strong curriculum is now falling down to levels never seen before.

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