Swiss Conference Set To Present Expert Solutions For Lebanon’s Crises

Conference For Lebanon Will Take Place In Switzerland This Week
Extravagantni | AFP/Anwar Amro

Ever since Lebanon began to slide down the steep slope of chaos and crisis, the Lebanese diaspora has been at its side, offering all kinds of support, and working to save and rebuild their homeland.

This weekend, the Lebanese community in Switzerland is organizing an event that aims to amplify the voice of the Lebanese people to the world and offer possible solutions to the pressing problems infesting Lebanon today.

Organized by the Lebanese-Swiss Association, the 2020 Winterthur Conference for Lebanon will shed light on the cries of the persistent Lebanese protesters and advocates of change.

It will also serve to affirm that Lebanon “is a home abducted by some corrupt political leaders and some political party groups, which have lost their legitimacy long ago,” according to the event’s announcement text.

Through this affirmation, along with the emphasis that the Lebanese people in Lebanon and abroad demand that the current ruling class steps down, the conference hopes to bring their case to the international public opinion.

Additionally, the 2020 Winterthur Conference for Lebanon will serve to demand justice in Lebanon by calling for holding the perpetrators of all crimes in the country, particularly financial ones, accountable.

Finally, expert solutions will be presented to the political, social, and economic crises that the Lebanese people have been enduring.

Several speakers will participate in the virtual conference, which will be live-streamed (due to COVID-19) on Saturday, September 12th from the city of Winterthur.

The announced speakers include President of the Lebanese-Swiss Association Wadih Assaf, Representative of the Revolution Protection Body Linda Boulos-Macari, Founder of the Movement of Lebanese Citizens of the World Elian Sarkis, and several others.

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