Security Forces Confiscate Minimal Amounts Of Fuel From ‘Animals Lebanon’ NGO

Security Forces Confiscate 50 Liters Of Fuel From Animals Lebanon
Animals Lebanon

Security forces in Lebanon have confiscated fuel from the Animals Lebanon NGO.

In a series of tweets, the animal rights organization said that police had confiscated their single day’s worth of fuel – 50 liters – which is used for transporting animals and supplies.

“Animals Lebanon has one vehicle to take animals to the vet, deliver supplies to people in need, care for our own animals, rescue injured animals,” Animals Lebanon tweeted on Tuesday.

This vehicle was donated to Animals Lebanon nearly ten years ago and has been used every day to help animals in need.”

To avoid wasting half of the workday waiting in lines to secure fuel for their vehicle, Animals Lebanon has someone do the waiting every night to secure fuel for the next day, the NGO explained.

“Today police showed up, took our 50 liters of fuel, and told us next time they would fine us. We are not stockpiling fuel, or selling or trading, we are just struggling to get fuel so that we can help for one more day.”

The incident comes amid a nationwide crackdown on fuel stockpilers and black-market fuel sellers, which have exacerbated the fuel crisis that has been paralyzing vital sectors in the country.

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Security Forces Confiscate Minimal Amounts Of Fuel From 'Animals Lebanon' NGO

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