Conflicts Suddenly Ignited in Several Areas in Lebanon

November 26, conflicts suddenly ignited in several areas in Lebanon at once and in a row, and they are still ongoing. Orchestrated is what they most look like.



8:00 PM: Groups of Free Patriotic Movement supporters were headed to Bikfaya to form a demonstration in front of Amine Gemayel’s house, chanting provoking slogans. Army reinforcements were called into the town to prevent conflict and residents of Bikfaya blocked roads before the FPM convoy, denying it entry. 

8:45 PM: The convoy tried to pass through Bikfaya to then reach Baabdat. Supporters of the Kataeb Party reportedly attacked the convoy that reportedly provoked the town people with their chants, impeding it from exiting through Bikfaya.

As a result, some of the FPM cars were stuck in the areas of conflict and were getting attacked by residents of the town; the cars’ windows were smashed and cars were damaged.


10:30 PM: The army tried to open Bikfaya roads and put an end to the fights, but Kataeb supporters responded with violence against the soldiers.

Army soldiers then used force and successfully opened the roads of Bikfaya, using their military vehicles and the FPM cars escaped the town.


The conflict between the army and Kataeb supporters continued for some time after the convoy left.

At 11:21 PM, the Lebanese Red Cross announced the hospitalization of five injuries resulting from the fights in Bikfaya.


At around 10:00 PM, clashes occurred between residents of Chiyah and Ain El-Remmaneh, in Beirut, turning into fights at an intersection that separates the two areas. Gunshots were fired. The Lebanese Army called in reinforcements.

Fights took place continuously for a period of time and the rivals exchanged rock throws while the army worked to put them under control. Supporters of Hezbollah and Amal have reportedly tried to trespass into Ain al Remmaneh after the army ended the fights. No injuries have been reported at the time of writing.


Meanwhile in Tripoli, groups of protesters tried to break into an office for the Free Patriotic Movement as well as a bank in the same area.

Shots were fired by a soldier directly at some of the protesters, one of which threw a hand grenade outside the office’s main entrance; it did not explode and a total of 37 minor to moderate injuries have been reported so far.

The army arrested the thrower of the grenade along with 7 of the attackers after the incident and reported that a total of 51 soldiers were injured.


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