19 Contemporary Art Galleries You Can Visit Around Beirut

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Lebanon’s art scene is vibrant, fascinating, and even intriguing at times. That’s especially true when it comes to contemporary art and its freedom of expression, and the cultural dialogue of its eclectic and diverse arts.

Lebanon is home to countless talented artists, many even outstanding, and not a few promising ones that are on the rise.

Alike their peers worldwide, Lebanese contemporary artists challenge boundaries to express themselves freely, using a dynamic combination of methods, concepts, materials, and subjects.

The sense of freedom is remarkably prominent, rendering these art pieces fascinating, and even thought-provoking. It also makes visiting their art galleries enjoyable for all, and not just for art lovers who appreciate artistic creativity.

Here are some of these galleries in and around Beirut, exhibiting contemporary arts by Lebanese artists and also by foreign artists.

#2 Art On 56th (Gemmayzeh)

#6 Art Lab Beiurt (Gemmayzeh)

Opera Gallery is an international art gallery with 14 branches around the world, including Beirut, Dubai, Miami, Paris, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Miami, Singapour, and Monaco.

#11 Aishti Foundation (Dbayeh)

#12 Aida Cherfane Fine Art (Antelias)

The Gallery Tanit has also a base in Munich.

#16 Aramé Art Gallery (Gemmayzeh)

The Aramé Art Gallery is an international gallery based in Beirut, and also in Yerevan, and Kuwait.

#17 Galerie Janine Rbeiz (Raouche)

#18 Artspace Hamra (Hamra)

#19 TL Gallery (Mar Mikhael)