Coral Is Closing All Of Its Gas Stations In Lebanon Today

Coral Will Close All Of Its Gas Stations In Lebanon

All Coral gas stations in Lebanon will close on Thursday, a source from the company told Annahar.

The source confirmed that Coral gas stations will close because the company has been unable to secure credits for the fuel-loaded ships that are anchored in Lebanese waters.

Coral announces in a statement on Thursday that it was unable to supply gas stations with fuel for the first time since its establishment, confirming that its stations will close when their remaining fuel runs out.

Earlier on Thursday, Arab Unitarian Party President Wiam Wahhab indicated that the gas station chain would close its branches in the country.

“Today I learned that the Coral company will announce the closure of its stations in all of Lebanon because its ships have been waiting for a month at sea to open credits,” he tweeted.

“It is unfortunate news because [the company] persisted in the crisis and took risks alongside other companies, and the state has to distinguish between companies that play their role and companies that trade on the black market,” Wahhab added.

The news comes a day after the representative of fuel distributors in Lebanon, Fadi Abou Chakra, announced that the fuel reserves of gas stations and major fuel distributors in Lebanon had run out.

Abou Chakra had urged concerned officials to take action to resolve this crisis and to reach an agreement so that credits can be opened and the market can be subsequently resupplied with fuel.

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