Coronavirus in Lebanon: Everything You Need to Know From This Week

Coronavirus in Lebanon_ Everything You Need to Know From This Week

Since last Monday, April 6th, Lebanon has recorded a total of 91 new COVID-19 cases, 1 death related to the disease, and 25 full recoveries. At the time of writing, the Lebanese Health Ministry has reported a total of 632 confirmed cases, 20 deaths, and 80 recoveries.

According to the latest data shared by the Ministry of Public Health, there are currently 532 active infections, 34 of which are severe.

Moreover, 2,155 individuals are in quarantine in hospitals across Lebanon. So far, a total of 13,480 COVID-19 tests have been conducted in Lebanon.

COVID-19: What’s happening in Lebanon?

2 new cases were recorded today

In its April 13th COVID-19 report, the Health Ministry reported 2 new cases of the disease. Notably, the daily case numbers in Lebanon have been in a constant decline for several days, with the exception of a few days in which the numbers were raised by positive cases among repatriates.

Bcharre was isolated

After recording high numbers of COVID-19 cases compared to other areas, the northern town of Bcharre was isolated by Lebanese authorities. The decision became active on the morning of Saturday, April 11th, when the municipality closed its entrances to mitigate the virus.

Repatriates from numerous countries are landing in Lebanon

Since Sunday, April 5th, several flights carrying Lebanese returnees have arrived at Beirut-Rafik Hariri International Airport, including flights coming from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France, Italy, Kuwait, and other countries. So far, the Health Ministry has recorded a total of 27 COVID-19 cases among the repatriates.

Authorities continue to enforce even/odd license plates’ rationing

The National News Agency reported that most Lebanese areas have shown a good commitment to the Interior Ministry’s recent decision to organize daily traffic according to even/odd license plates of vehicles.

The Turkish Embassy distributed supplies in the North

To help people in north Lebanon through the tough social and economic conditions that the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified, the Turkish Embassy in Lebanon distributed food rations to 400 families in some municipalities in Akkar, according to the NNA.

Diab congratulated Lebanese doctors in France

Prime Minister Hassan Diab conducted a video call with a group of Lebanese doctors and medical students in France, who have been contributing to the ongoing COVID-19 cure research. Diab discoursed with the team and congratulated them on their involvement.

Hariri Hospital set up a new COVID-19 hotline

On Friday, April 10th, Rafik Hariri University Hospital announced a new 24/7 hotline for COVID-19-related emergencies, and a mobile number, utilizing Whatsapp, for information and inquiries regarding the virus.
Hotline: 01/820830
Whatsapp: 76/897961

The government extended the general mobilization

The April 9th cabinet session brought about the second 2-week extension of the COVID-19-induced general mobilization. As a result, the lockdown will last until the extendible date of April 26th, 2020.

Lebanese students in Eastern Europe want to return home

The parents and relatives of Lebanese students in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Spain, and other countries in Europe are urging the government to help struggling students. This comes after the economic crisis in Lebanon made it difficult for parents to transfer money to their children studying abroad.

Doctors Without Borders is exerting additional efforts in Lebanon

The international medical non-governmental organization, Doctors Without Borders, recently said that it intends to offer additional medical support to Lebanese hospitals and citizens across the country.

In coordination with Lebanese health authorities, the organization is working to provide hospital beds, equipment, and health workers for hospitals that need them, repair medical equipment, and conduct tests, in addition to many other tasks.

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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