Health Minister Inspected Coronavirus Preventive Measures At Beirut Airport

Lebanon’s new Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hasan inspected the measures currently undertaken by the Beirut airport authorities against the Coronavirus, highlighting the ministry’s readiness to treat any case of infection on January 28, 2020.

Dr. Hamad Hasan is the former head of the municipality in Baalbak (2013-2016). He studied Pharmaceuticals and specialized in Medical Labs in Moscow, returning to head the laboratories of Al Mais Hospital in Chtaura. He is also a long-time Professor of Health Studies at Lebanese University in Beirut.

The World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, has declared it a Global Health Emergency of international concerns, issuing the must of preventive measures to be implemented in airports.

Accordingly, Beirut Airport proceeded to take such measures to prevent the Coronavirus from entering the country.

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

For its part, the Preventive Medicine Department at the Ministry of Public Health issued an official statement, which outlined everything one needs to know about the Coronavirus as well as the means to prevent contamination.

The statement informed the public that the Coronavirus may cause a severe cold, adding that most cases of infection can be simply treated.

Lebanon’s Ministry of Health issued a gentle “caution” about traveling to endemic countries, unless absolutely necessary, providing guidelines for those who visit areas hit with the Coronavirus in order to avoid getting infected.

The Ministry further confirmed that treatment for this virus has not yet been established, but that many of its symptoms can be treated.

The Ministry further requires that in case anyone comes from an endemic country, that they must fill in a form for the quarantine center at the airport upon arrival and consult a doctor immediately.

From its side, Lebanon Red Cross prompted to launch an awareness campaign against the lethal virus, including guidance on how to protect oneself from it

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