Coronavirus: What’s Happening in Lebanon and Around the World on Friday

Latest Lebanon and world news COVID-19

On Friday, April 3rd, the total of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon topped 500 after 14 new cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health. The new cases tested positive out of 644 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, according to the ministry.

The Health Ministry’s daily report revealed the new total to be 508 on Friday. Additionally, it confirmed 1 new fatality caused by complications of the disease.

This brings the total of COVID-19-related deaths in Lebanon to 17. Conversely, the number of total recoveries reached 46 after 3 recoveries were recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the latest report by Rafik Hariri University Hospital.

The Health Ministry’s data shows that the currently-active cases are 445, 2 of which are in critical condition.

Here’s what’s happening in Lebanon today

Khiam Rehabilitation Center warns of a disaster

Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture warned that the overly-crowded Lebanese prisons might turn into “incubation wells” and threaten the whole of society. The KRC called for “emergency measures,” including the immediate release of inmates who pose no threat to national security.

No more than 3% of Lebanese in Africa want to come back

The NNA reported that the Lebanese consul in Congo, Hasan Yahfoufi, denied the rumor that all Lebanese in Africa will be evacuated. Out of 350,000 expatriates in 25 African countries, 10,260 want to return home, he explained. Yahfoufi said those who will leave for Lebanon “won’t exceed 3% of the total expatriates in Africa.”

Nabatieh prepares to receive returnees

The Municipality of Nabatieh instructed families expecting the return of their expatriates to contact 76632905 to evaluate their readiness for it. They must have ready “a separate room with a separate bathroom and a window to ensure ventilation.” Otherwise, the municipality will provide an appropriate residence.

The first batch of returnees to Lebanon will resemble a test

Only if the rate of positive COVID-19 cases among repatriates remains between 1-2% will the repatriation plan continue until April 12th, according to PM Hassan Diab. As such, “the first batch of returnees will resemble a test,” Diab stated in a recent press conference.

Bookstore owners are asking for opening hours

The Syndicate of Bookstore Owners released a statement asking the government to grant additional opening hours, at least from 8-11 AM, for bookstores during the general mobilization. That is considering they provide “indispensable intellectual nourishment.”

The latest worldwide COVID-19 news

Saudi Arabia changes curfew start time

The KSA decided to scale forward the time for the start of curfew in the city of Dammam and the governorates of Taif and Qatif to 3 PM, starting Friday and until further notice, according to the Saudi Press Agency. Previously, the curfew was starting at 7 PM in these areas.

Italy’s recovery rates are increasing

The Italian Director-General of Civil Defense said the spread of COVID-19 in Italy “is finally receding, as the daily growth rate of recorded cases has been slowing down for more than 5 days.” Moreover, Italian authorities have recorded 1,431 total recoveries in the past 24 hours.

Mexico surpasses 1,500 cases

The latest report by the Mexican Health Ministry revealed 13 new COVID-19-related deaths and 132 new cases of infection. With that, the total of cases is, as of April 3rd, 1,510 in Mexico.

The peak of the outbreak in the UK

The UK’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, recently said it’s “perfectly possible” for the COVID-19 outbreak in the country to peak around Easter Sunday (April 12th). Additionally, Hancock said fatalities could reach 1,000 per day in the days leading up to that peak.

France warns of self-medication for COVID-19

The head of France’s National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products, Dominique Martin, recently told AFP that some COVID-19-positive people who are self-medicating with malaria and HIV drugs are experiencing dangerous side effects. Hence, the agency warned against such attempts of self-medication.

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