‘Corruption’ Lawsuit Just Filed Against ex-Education Minister & Lebanese University Head


Ex-education minister Elias Bou Saab, ex-head of the Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) Nada Ouijan, and Lebanese University chief Fouad Ayoub are now facing a ‘corruption’ lawsuit filed by lawyers Bassem Hamad and Nadim Qawbar on Monday.

Tarek Al-Majzoub, current caretaker Education Minister is the one responsible for accusing the officials and ex-officials of corruption charges during an interview on Al-Jadeed TV.

“Detailed violations and offenses committed by the Education Ministry,” Majzoub’s complaint states.

“Prosecuting the aforementioned individuals over the offenses of embezzling and wasting public funds, bribery, job exploitation, abuse of power, intimidation, and others.”

However, ex-education minister Bou Saab wasn’t hesitant to quickly defend himself.

“What’s clear in the episode with Minister Tariq Al-Majzoub was that he did not make any personal accusation against me, the people have the right to know the whole truth,” Saab said in a televised speech.

“I hope that the current Minister will accept my call for confrontation, considering I have raised any bank secrecy from all my personal accounts, and I will not allow my credibility to be tarnished.”

Former And Current Education Ministers Clash
Akhbar Beirut | IMLebanon

A dispute has occurred recently between Al-Majzoub and Bou Saab, which apparently started over the decision to reopen the schools, a matter argued by Ouijan, Bou Saab’s cousin, and that got her discharged from her position.

That confrontation, which went public, with Bou Saab accusing Al-Majzoub of incompetence, is now taking another turn with this lawsuit.

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