These Are 11 Countries Lebanese Can Visit Without A Visa!


Now is the perfect time to travel the world! However, with a passport like the Lebanese one, it is usually hard to obtain a visa. Why not travel to countries that you can visit visa-free?

Some of them might not be the most popular destinations in the world, but you’ll get the unique opportunity to explore a place none of your acquaintances have visited before.

Stand out of the crowd this time!


Here are 11 amazing destinations that Lebanese can visit without a visa!

#1 Armenia

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Flight duration from Beirut: 2 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Areni village: the oldest winery in the world was found in a cave there.
  • Etchmiadzin Cathedral: the oldest cathedral in the world.

#2 Dominica

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Flight duration from Beirut: 20 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Boiling Lake: a hot lake springs that is covered with vapor.
  • Morne Trois Pitons National Park: a World Heritage Site that contains falls, a jungle, and a lake.

#3 Ecuador

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Flight duration from Beirut: 23 hours 30 minutes

Must-visit places:

  • Lake Quilotoa: a volcanic crater filled with water.
  • Cajas National Park: a park full of hiking trails, forests, lakes, and a rich wildlife.

#4 Georgia

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Flight duration from Beirut: 2 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Lake Ritsa
  • Rabati Castle: a castle built during the medieval era.

#5 Haiti

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Flight duration from Beirut: 28 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Sans-Souci Palace: a palace that was the residence of King Henri I who is also known as Henri Christophe.
  • Île-à-Vache: one of Haiti’s magnificent islands.

#6 Iran

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Flight duration from Beirut: 5 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Persepolis: ruins of the capital of the Archaemenid Empire.
  • Babel Tower: a modern interactive installation that reflects the sky and the surroundings.

#7 Jordan

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Flight duration from Beirut: 1 hour

Must-visit places:

  • Petra: an archaeological site famous for The Treasure, which is a rock-cut architecture.
  • Dead Sea: a lake that is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean.

#8 Malaysia

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Flight duration from Beirut: 14 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Deer Cave: a cave that also serves as a passage that leads to a rainforest.
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge: its deck is located 660 meters above sea level.

#9 Maldives

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Flight duration from Beirut: 10 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Hulhumalé: an artificial island.
  • Atolls of the Maldives: astonishing ring-shaped islands.

#10 Micronesia

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Flight duration from Beirut: 45 hours

Must-visit places:

  • Nan Madol: a combination of small artificial islands that are connected by canals.
  • Tonnachau Mountains: a mountain that has an archaeological and historical significance since there are fortifications on its summit that date back to 4,000 BCE.

#11 Turkey

Flight duration from Beirut: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Must-visit places:

  • Pamukkale: a town known for its natural thermal pools and white terraces made of carbonate minerals.
  • Topkapı Palace: a large museum that was once the main residence of the Ottoman sultans.

Additional countries where Lebanese can get a visa at the airport upon arrival:

  1. Bangladesh

  2. Bolivia

  3. Cambodia

  4. Cape Verde

  5. Comoros

  6. Djibouti

  7. Guinea-Bissau

  8. Laos

  9. Madagascar

  10. Mauritania

  11. Mauritius

  12. Mozambique

  13. Nepal

  14. Oman

  15. Palau

  16. Samoa

  17. Seychelles

  18. Sri Lanka

  19. Tajikistan

  20. Timor-Leste

  21. Togo

  22. Tuvalu

  23. Uganda

  24. Qatar


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