Lebanese Couple Donate All Their Wedding Savings To Help Rebuild Beirut Homes


The couple mentioned in the article asked for privacy so the names have been removed.

Beirut is more than just a city for the Lebanese. It has defied times and wars for millenniums to preserve the greatness of the nation it represents, their unique heritage rooted in the core of its earth, and their right to be.

For the Lebanese, Beirut is a living being, a mother, a lady. This is how they refer to their capital. That is how deeply they love her and honor her.

Hence, when the explosion wounded her so severely, maiming her, gutting her, and all that she stands for, people from all over Lebanon rushed to help her out.

What the world has been witnessing about the Lebanese on the grounds cleaning, fixing, rebuilding, fundraising, sheltering, feeding, and so on, that’s not just out of sympathy or even duty.

That’s Love fully expressed in a time when Beirut needs all of it to heal. And the Lebanese, whether in the homeland or abroad, are giving it fully and unconditionally.

The story of this Lebanese couple is another of these expressions of love to Beirut we are witnessing.

Before the blast, the couple had their wedding planned for December 2020.

They now went ahead and canceled it to donate all that they have saved of funds for the wedding to help rebuild the ravaged homes of Beirut.

The aftermath of the explosion in Lebanon is horrible and heartbreaking. Homes and businesses are destroyed, many lost their loved ones, and many are still badly injured.

Beirut has a living heart that beats at the beat of her people’s hearts. Saving her is saving them and restoring their homes and businesses back to life so Beirut can stand back, once again, to tell the world, “I have risen from the ashes because my nation wanted so.”

And that’s what the Lebanese are now fighting to ensure, each in his or her own capability and means.

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Lebanese Couple Donate All Their Wedding Savings To Help Rebuild Beirut Homes

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